Botany Bay Beach Shoot 12/08/18

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Botany Rd, Broadstairs CT10 3LG – at the end of this road there is access to a great little beach. Depending on the tide, it will allow access to rocks etc for great shots. Although the beach can be busy at times, the reason I use this beach is that if you go the other side of the rocks it tends to be a little more secluded.


We want to avoid the crowds that flock to the beach and we hope for a sunset therefore we will be starting about 5pm through to 8pm or so…. This is a rough time as it will depend on a sunset and available light. I will arrive about 4pm to get my equipment to the beach and be ready for 5pm. Please ensure you are too. 

What to Bring

Like any fitness shoot please come prepared and tanned!  A TAN is ESSENTIAL for that healthy glowing look and for awesome definition. Please do not use self tan on the day as it will come off in the sea. – YES the sea lol, its a beach shoot and part of the fun will be to get cold and wet…. these are the best shots! So please put on your brave shoes and make the most of the cold english channel. I will also be getting wet and will be wet longer than you.. So i will be FREEZING lol… its all good fun!

I would like to do shots incorporating flash. When we do this I just need us to team up in pairs so one hold the light and one pose, then we swap, this is when a dressing gown will come handy. KEEP WARM

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